Meditate to Create

Ready for a journey of Your Own?

When the “teacher” arrived, the “student” was ready….to find "her" Soul!
WAIT? Are you ready for you own journey?

Why Meditate to Create

*Learn Simple & Effective Methods to Break the Build Up of Stress

* Develop Steadfast Mindset in the Midst of External & Internal Distractions

* Improve Mental Attitudes that Alleviate Conflict

* Stabilize Physical Well-Being as a Source of Mental Clarity & Creativity

* Improve Work Ethics

The yogis journey is your personal journey living an Intentional Life using Eastern Yogic Wisdom with an emphasis on Precision Asana Alignment, Pranayama (breathing techniques) & Meditation + Painting/Artistic Endeavors.
the journey practices thoughtful & reflective Yoga to promote both physical & mental well-being. .

Helping to facilitate Your Personal Yoga and/or Art Journey Through Intentional Living Skills: Your Life Force - that Prana Energy through Visionary Insight.
The benefits of Personal & Corporate Yoga are facilitated to increase flexibility, strength, balance, concentration. Prana energy & rejuvenation will uplevel the capacity to a Higher Vision.
The benefits of an Artistic Practice raises your vibrational level & soul vision to enhance the working atmosphere on many levels.

Offering workshops & classes online and in-person helping you be the best Yogi...a better Artist.

As a yoga Veteran Yoga Mentor & Visual Artist, YOU, too, can become a Spiritual Catalyst, a Creating Machine and an Intentional Living Soul for Total Mind, Body, Soul Awareness.

Let the JOURNEY Begin...

Videos to Inspire Your Personal Yoga & Art Journey

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