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Bhakti Studio

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  • “Intentional Living 101” Ebook * 32 pages on the basic knowledge of Yoga & Meditation with a super variety of spice!
  • “Eternal Relaxation” MP4 *30 minute guided meditation. Delicious!
  • PLUS + Discounts on Bhakti Studio Jewelry
  • *Super Duper Newsletters with Sparkling Knowledge of Yoga, Art + Creativity + Bonus Material from some of my favorite Cohorts!


Meditations, Creativity Practices, “Energy” & “Enlightenment” Activities and Soul Immersions

An all Inclusive Vibrant World of the Absolute Offerings of Art, Creativity, Yoga Branches &

Sense-ual Offerings.                                                                                                  

 ahhhhh, the yogis journey….

…let’s begin!


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My Mantra~

Beautifully designed~

We know yoga~So maybe we’ll know peace~

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All the proceeds from the BRACELET purchase on this site are DONATED!

 Know that your funds go to Making Art & ADVOCACY!!

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