This is where we get down & dirty “Creating Therapeutic Madness” in a gentle, kind fashion letting our Imaginations Roam, our Minds Settle. Our Bodies Delve Deep into Complete Relaxation so we are then Moving Forward, Stress-Less with Positive Energy Emotion-Based Communion or Culmination of our Divine.

Enters Kali!

I recently had a massive Kundalini Awakening & Kali came in STRONG. She gave me Strength, Depth & the Ability to say No when I needed to & YES when I wanted to. I’ve Set Boundaries where I didn’t before and the Creative Energies Burst Through My Entire Soul & Spirit!

Kali is the Hindu goddess (or Devi) of death, time, and doomsday and is often associated with sexuality and violence but is also considered a strong mother-figure and symbolic of motherly-love

See the variances of Kali.

Divine Beauty

The Great Protector

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How does this relate to a Meditation & Painting? We know that creating makes space for an open mind…Freedom...FlowingFreshon Fire! So we Meditate, Paint & Dance…a Kali dance to Eliminate the Stressors of Daily Activities…in Peace, Intuitively & Full of Grace.

What to Expect:

Following the Eastern Tradition, Breathwork (Pranayama), Meditation & Intuitive Painting are the Main Framework.

  • Worksheets for personal use
  • Goals &/or Charts
  • Instructions for a variety of lessons outside of our time together.
  •  Pranayama (breathing) Instructions & Practices
  • Meditation Instructions (Including “The Mediate to Create” Program/Mantra. Meditate. Create.) *See Below
  •  Personalized Instructions for your Individual needs.  
  •  Reading Assignments (as needed)
  •  Mantras & Chants (as needed)
  •  Relaxation Technique

You may also receive TEXTS & EMAILS updating you on the personal objectives and given practical instructions for the period you have requested.

 *REMEMBER: It is what YOU and Carrie B have agreed upon per your Goals & Achievements, as each person has unique goals & aspirations. 

Having a Daily Yoga & Meditation Practice, Infused with Art in Action is Highly Effective and WILL Reduce Stress and Improve Mind & Body Functions along with Personal Wellness on so many levels!

Isn’t it time for YOU???

4 One-Hour Sessions include all the above.

These Personalized Sessions are available on Skype, HangOuts or FaceTime