Online /YouTube yoga video was excellent, thorough and inviting! 

Stacey N

Challenging and inspirational! 

Gail S.

Carrie I miss you. You're the best. Always above and beyond. 

Susan J, OH

Carrie started my journey with yoga and meditation. I appreciate all of the lessons learned from her. Carrie is very inspiring and impressive in her techniques and knowledge. She is a bright light that always shines!

Jen R, TX

Carrie is an inspiring yogi who leads by example. She is very knowledgeable and thorough. She wants her students to not only practice but understand and experience all that yoga has to offer! Namaste 

Julie B, Scottsdale

Carrie has taken the time to design a yoga workout specifically for me & focus on my goals. She is patient and dedicated to her craft.

Karen Miller, Ohio

Carrie is a phenomenal yoga instructor and an unique, artistic and beautiful being. Carrie has the rare talent of being gifted in both her knowledge of Eastern traditions and in her physical strengths. She brings this Eastern practice to us in her sessions that are a truly transforming experience; not just another "westernized" class. Carrie is able to transfer her wisdom to her students to assist them in reaching their own physical and spiritual balance. I had my first class with Carrie a decade ago and from that time forward, have always felt blessed that our paths met. I am eternally grateful for the profound effects her teachings have (and continue to) on my life.