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Therapeutic Art Help Clients Heal, Reduce Stress & Manifest Dreams with Mandalas, Affirmations, Vision Boards & More.

Art therapy is not an uncommon solution to anxiety. In fact, the concept of making art for therapeutic reasons dates back to the 1940s. Art therapy has been used to treat a variety of anxiety disorders, including panic disorder. This study confirms the effectiveness of treating PDA with art therapy.

We will paint, we will cry. We will dive deep into the painting, journaling, vision boards, making of mandalas & building Altars to help you bring forth the Inner Artist in You!

It’s a Personal & perhaps Spiritual Experience. None the less, it’s YOUR Experience. It’s INTUITIVE, Expressive Therapy to Engage Yourself through a myriad of exercises using paints, inks, pastels, pencils, mixed-media…it’s YOUR JOURNEY

Contact Carrie B, BA Liberal Arts, M.Ed. Fine Art Teaching

@ 802-526-YOGA

  • Attend classes in Scottsdale, AZ
  • Bring Me to your Place
  • Virtual Session on Zoom/Skype
  • One or Two Hour Sessions

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