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April 7, 2017
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September 10, 2017
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Why I Quit a Teaching @ a Creative Painting Organization & Created My Own

….now I love to paint & I love to teach yet the company I was teaching painting classes for? Well, it was a drinking activity with a creative twist. And that twist was no longer resonating with my Yoga Lifestyle. I met some of the most beautiful people with whom I still communicate with but the smell of alcohol? YUCK!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a prude, I drink on rare occasions…very rare. I teach art to kiddos too so the activity we did sure was fun. I wanted to take the alcohol out and put the MEDITATION in because meditation comes with these benefits:

  • Meditation reduces stress.
  • It improves concentration. …
  • It encourages a healthy lifestyle.
  • The practice increases self-awareness. …
  • It increases happiness.
  • Meditation increases acceptance. …
  • It slows aging.
  • The practice benefits cardiovascular and immune health.

Doesn’t this look & feel like fun? Healthy? Happy? Free?

I thought so; so I developed my own course as you can see on my personal website:


Illuminating Lives Through the Yoga of Art & Intentional Living: When your soul needs art & meditation action…
We take the time for that SELF-CARE to Relax, Renew & Rejuvenate the journey creates the space… you make the time… to commit to a Daily Yoga, Meditation Practice & Creative Expression
*Yoga Lessons & Session using Precision Asana Alignment
*Guided Meditations
*Painting Classes — “Meditate to Create”
*Classic Yoga Sessions using the 8 Limbs of Yoga
*Yoga & Creativity Fun
Corporate Classes:
*Learn simple & effective methods to break the build up of stress
*Develop steadfast mindset in the midst of external & internal distractions
*Improve mental attitudes that alleviate conflict
*Stabilize physical wellbeing as a source of mental clarity & creativity.
All this through a simple 15 minute meditation followed by that Art-Infused Activity.

 I sure did enjoy teaching the painting classes to 28-40 people (meeting new people & laughing was the best part) yet my heart lies with the simplicity of a Yogic Lifestyle.
I’ve made a couple new videos thus far on meditation and a couple painting classes. Feel free to watch them here: 
(I was once Yoga Spirit Center; I am now “the yogis journey“)
PS…I’m making an online class as well & hope you will join me when it’s ready. Subscribe & you’ll get the notice.
Change sometimes is necessary & I feel so blessed to be teaching Meditate to Create!
In the meantime, find time to meditate and feel your time with something that makes your heart sing. Yoga & Art make my heart sing!


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