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Why Padmasana is the Place to Start in Yoga


Why Padmasana is the Place to Start in Yoga

This may [not] come as a surprise to many, just like sivanasa is to be done at the end, in my practice & teachings, padmasana, also known as LOTUS, is where most teachers and practitioners begin. You ask why?

Padmasana is the Perfect place for settling in with your body and mind enabling you to focus your mind and begin to concentrate on your yoga practice.

So you’re settled in with your sits bones pulled out, stretching the spine nice and long with your head aligned with the ground; close your eyes.

What next? Take a DEEP INHALE, HOLD (3,2,1), EXHALE exalted warrior, that is, right out through your mouth as you let that breath exit your body as if to “sigh” but much slower. INHALE (3,2,1); HOLD (3,2,1). I always recommend at least 3 rounds of this before we begin our actual physical asanas.

I think to some, in the Western culture, has been pushed aside so we can get physical, action-based asanas moving right away. Remember yoga is the union of body, mind and spirit. Even as I write to you, I am doing my breathing sitting in lotus and calmly writing what I so desire for you to learn.

Lotus is Sacred because of its nature. It signifies purity and detachment from the surroundings. … The lotus flower signifies a divine symbol in India; its unfolding petals suggest the expansion of Human Soul; the growth of its pure beauty from the mud of its origin holds a benign spiritual promise. ~quora

So the “Spiritual Promise” is up to you! What promises do you make for your YOGA practice? To You personally?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. If you have no idea who I am, please visit: http://www.theyogisjourney.com to get your “Intentional Living” ebook & a 30-minute Guided Meditation + more goodies filling your box with love.

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Namaste my Friends.

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