By now, you can see you have many options. Let’s go over the takeaways:

  1. Wellness Universe   There are many classes I’m sure you’d love, so please check out this great community!
  2. Meditate to Create   When your soul needs art & meditation action… we take the time for that SELF-CARE to Relax, Renew & Rejuvenate
  3. Online Meditate to Create  These can be personal sessions & they will be on the Wellness Universe.
  4. Private Sessions  My FAV!!! In person or online!
  5. Group or Corporate Sessions

                                        Classes may include: 

    *Classic Yoga Lessons & Session using Precision Asana Alignment

    *Guided Meditations

    *Painting Classes–“Meditate to Create” 

  6. ……and for goodness sake, please join my FaceBook Page.  *****Just starting putting jewelry & accessories up there for prices you… well, they’ll shake you up because sometimes you get to pick the price!!!!!! OMGawd!
  7. Take a class that I didn’t create. I love this Gal!! Flora Bowley Blue E-Course until I get my own painting sessions online!
  8. and let’s not forget the Mighty, HOLDS NOTHING BACK, Danielle LaPorte! This gal has a way with words & could sell ice to… oh, you know.
  9. I love you!
  10. I love you, truly, I do <3