Group & Corporate Yoga/Art/Meditation Programs

We shall take the time for that Self Awareness to Relax, Renew & Rejuvenate. As the journey creates the space, you make the time to commit to Intentional Awareness & Living to aid in Reduction of Stress & Increase Individual Achievement for Personal and Team Growth in the Workplace.

* Learn simple & effective methods to break the build up of stress

*Develop steadfast mindset in the midst of external & internal distractions

*Improve mental attitudes that alleviate conflict

*Stabilize physical well-being as a source of mental clarity & creativity

*Team Building for optimized Work Efficiency  

Choices: Yoga Asanas, Meditation or “Meditate to Create”

Classes may include: 

*Classic Yoga Lessons & Session using Precision Asana Alignment

*Guided Meditations

*Painting Classes–“Meditate to Create” 

*Creativity Skills


Fill out the form below with some details to inquire about this program for your group or corporate office. Prices Vary.
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