What to Expect

Following the Eastern Tradition, Breathwork (Pranayama)

& Correct Alignment are the Main Framework.


  • Worksheets for personal use
  • Goals & Charts
  • Instructions for a variety of lessons.
  • Pranayama (breathing) Instructions & Practices
  • Meditation Instructions (Including “The Mediate to Create” Program/Mantra. Meditate. Create.) *See Below
  • Dietary Instructions
  • Personalized Instructions for your Individual needs.
  • Reading Assignments
  • Mantras & Chants
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Asana Correction


You may also receive TEXTS & EMAILS updating you on the personal objectives and given practical instructions for the period you have requested. We do implement a contractual agreement.

*REMEMBER: It is what YOU and Carrie B have agreed upon per your Goals & Achievements, as each person has unique goals & aspirations.

Having a Daily Yoga Practice is Highly Effective and WILL Reduce Stress and Improve Mind & Body Functions along with Personal Wellness on so many levels!

Isn’t it time for YOU???

Personalized Yoga Sessions are also available on HangOuts,

Zoom or FaceTime.

You Decide!

Varied Price Options.

Paypal Accepted.

Contact me below for more information.

802-526-YOGA      Scottsdale, AZ

Individual Yoga Program Inquiry

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